Celebrities, institutions, businesspeople and local residents ask people to vote so that Mojácar shines this Christmas with Ferrero Rocher.

The Almería municipality aiming to be lit up this Christmas by Ferrero Rocher.

A few weeks ago, the well-known brand of chocolates Ferrero Rocher launched the ninth edition of its ‘Together We Shine More’ campaign, the contest for which the prize is the Christmas illuminations for one of the prettiest towns in Spain. For the first time, this edition has an Almerían town among the candidates, Mojácar.
Since Jesús Vázquez announced the inclusion of Mojácar municipality there have been many personalities, institutions, businesspeople and local residents who have wanted to show their support for the locality and ask people to vote so that this Christmas it shines like never before.
One of the ambassadors of the province, David Bisbal, was one of the first well-known faces to ask that Mojácar be illuminated by Ferrero Rocher. He did so shortly after finding out it was a candidate and a few days ago in the moments before his concert in Almería to mark his 20 years on the stage. There he was with the Mayor of Mojácar, Rosa María Cano, and in another small video on the Power Horse he once again asked for the vote for the Mojácar candidacy.
But it’s not only Almería’s most international singer who has joined this initiative. Other well-known faces like the communicator Carlos Herrera, current director of Herrera on COPE, journalist Isabel Jiménez and her colleague David Cantero, news presenters, have also sent a message of support for the Almería Levante region locality. Sheila Torres, creator of es.decirdiario, has also joined this campaign of support through her social media so that Mojácar shines like never before this year.
From the world of music, as well as the aforementioned Bisbal, other artists such as the Singer Fran Ocaña, the musician-composer Jorge Pardo, Josemi Carmona, from the group Ketama, and the artist Miguel Campello have also joined in with this campaign of support, accompanying each message with the art that characterises each one.
Other well-known faces like the Almerían chef Juan Manuel, winner of Masterchef, or the actress Luisa Martín have also asked for Mojácar to be the town that Ferrero Rocher fills with lights this year.
The trade unionist Cándido Méndez, the Almerían fashion designer Sergi Real and the kitesurfing junior world champion, Mojácan Osaïa Reding, are other familiar faces who are backing Mojácar.
El former football player and model Jaime Astraín and the Almerían actor Jaime Ribas, who is currently in the well-known series ‘La que se Avecina’, have also wanted to send their support.

But not only celebrities have joined this campaign. Mojácar has the institutional support of the entire province. Javier A. García, María del Mar Vázquez, Gabriel Amat and other institutional representatives have sent their messages of support, as have hundreds of businesspeople, both from Mojácar and from the neighbouring towns, including the provincial capital.
In short, a campaign that has brought together the whole province in search of a common dream, that Mojácar shines like never before this Christmas and becomes the prettiest town in Spain to visit at this such well-loved time.
Because together, we shine more.
You can vote for Mojácar at: https://pueblos.ferrerocher.com