Mojácar holds its third Floral Indalo Weekend.

This weekend, for the third consecutive year, Mojácar is holding its Floral Indalo Festival, which pulls together a celebration of its characteristic emblem, the Indalo, with the arrival of spring’s new flowers.

From Friday 25 to Sunday 27 May, Mojácar will be literally flooded with flowers and music for residents and visitors to enjoy, simply by exploring the captivating streets and squares of the town.
The Floral Indalo Festival is organized by Mojácar Pueblo Merchants Association, in collaboration with the Town Council, with the full participation of those Mojácar’s residents who take particular pride at this time of year to make the town look even more beautiful.
Around six thousand flowers will be used to decorate the nine, 2 metre high Indalos by both by locals as well as visitors, which will be all set up in the pretty squares of the Old Town, giving everyone a chance to see Mojácar at its floral best.
For the first time, a floral display will be placed at the emblematic Fountain, La Fuente, with the others at Plaza Rey Alabez, Plaza Nueva, Plaza de la Iglesia and, Plazas de Parterre, Del Ayuntamiento, Caño, Las Flores and Del Frontón, all competing for the prize for the best ‘Indalo de Flores 2018’ which an international jury will be charged with the difficult task of judging. Also for the first time, to add a special touch, lanterns will be lit around the town to add to the night time magic.
This event, now in its third year, springs from the “May Crosses” which in Mojácar, takes the inspiration of its millennial symbol, the Indalo.
It is also, one more reason to visit one of the official most beautiful towns in Spain, which never stops looking for more ways for everyone to enjoy its great weather, facilities and all the opportunities fun, relaxation and leisure.