Mojácar holds its second “Paseo del Arte” event.

The “Paseo del Arte” show will return to Mojácar’s Promenade for a second run, after its hugely successful inauguration in March.

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday 7th April, art and other painting activities will once again transform Mojácar’s sea front into an open air gallery.
New artists will be joining in on this event and there will be more than 150 paintings for sale on show, keeping alive the bohemian, international atmosphere that has always characterized Mojácar, whilst providing valuable proceeds to selected charities once again.
Among the show’s initiatives, named by the organizers as the “cuadro del público” or “people’s painting, is based on an initial sketch prepared by one of the participating artists, then added to and evolved by anyone attending with their own brushstrokes & colours.
Last month, 94 painting volunteers from 8 different countries, including Mojácar’s Tourism Councillor put their own touches to the finished piece which later was on auctioned on Facebook’s Mojácar Forum for 350 euros, to be destined to charitable causes.
The next painting will be inspired by the silhouette of Mojácar Pueblo so that budding artists can fill in and flood the houses and streets with colour, flowers and atmosphere.
Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosmarí Cano, cut the red tape to officially open last month’s initiative, accompanied by Emmanuel Agüero Leclerc, the Tourism Councillor. Both remarked how pleased they were with the professional organization and the impressive number of artists joining in, as well as the crowds that came along to enjoy and support the show.
“The Paseo del Arte” sprung out of an idea from a group of local artists who, with municipal collaboration, are bringing something new and different to the town in addition to being a cultural and fun attraction for locals and visitors alike.