Mojácar hosts 2nd Flamenco Gala “Zambomba Navideña”

Today, Friday December 30, Mojácar Town Council’s Festivities Department has organized the 2nd Flamenco Gala featuring the well-known group, “Zambomba Navideña”.

At 9 p.m, at the Town’s Centro de Usos Múltiples, the flamenco world celebrates Christmas to the sound of the zambomba, a traditional homemade instrument accompanied by tambourines, rattles and a bottle of Anís. Of the numerous Flamenco events that take place throughout the year, the Christmas ones are the most popular.

They take their name from this traditional instrument and, have their origin around the courtyards where, from early December, the residents meet spontaneously to sing carols, bulerías, tangos and all types of flamenco. Its history goes back to the eighteenth century, in the neighbourhoods of Jerez, where they shared food, wine and songs, although it quickly spread throughout Andalucia.

Although there are fewer patio performances nowadays, the tradition has not been lost and is still celebrated in clubs, associations and neighbourhoods, forming groups that are spreading the art and culture from town to town.

In Mojácar tonight, we will be treated to great performances by Ana Alonso, Isabel and María Ángeles Carrillo and Tony Santiago, who will dance to the vocals of Antonio Garcia “El Genial”, Cristo Heredia and Eduardo García. Also performing are the guitarists Antonio Luis López and Eduardo Aguilera whilst the percussion is in the hands of Moisés Santiago.