Council approves the 2017 municipal budget

Mojácar has approved the municipal budgets of 2017, in a special council meeting. For the next financial year, the Consistory will have a general budget amounting to 10,115,375 Euros.

Rosmarí Cano, Mayor of Mojácar, is very pleased with the financial plans presented by the Council’s Popular Party, saying: “these are real, austere and balanced budgets. They guarantee the payment of wages to workers and suppliers bills within a maximum period of one month”. She also added that it also takes into account the payments of the municipality’s ICO loan, as well as continuing to reduce its principal, as has been achieved in the last three years.

With respect to municipal expenditure, the wage bill, the largest cost of all, remains the same as in 2016. The increased expenditure of 11.14% on goods and services is due to improvements to the Town and, the growth of the municipality and its facilities.

With regard to infrastructure investments, the most important items for 2017 are centred on the expropriation of land of the third phase of the Paseo Marítimo and the cost of Coastal road improvements. Also included is the installation of public lighting in the area of Marina de la Torre and, beach improvements such as: walkways, rescue modules, toilets, etc. Various streets in the locality will also be tarmacked and refurbished. The acquisition and improvement of computer equipment and motorcycles for the Local Police are likewise scheduled.

In terms of income, the main source of financing is the Property Tax or IBI, which represents 53.12% of the budget, just over 5 million euros, followed by the Tax on the Increase of Value of Natural Urban Land.

The budgets were approved with votes in favour by the Popular Party Group and Union Mojaquera.