Mojácar hosts annual Convention for CDA31 Dance Association.

The Dance Association, CDA31, have chosen Mojácar as the venue for one of their annual conventions, with the town’s Hotel Indalo acting as the gathering point.

Almost 500 people, including dancers, friends and organizers, will spend 10 days in the town, with a wide programme of activities including dancing and singing courses and workshops. There will be time set aside for some excursions around the area and, as a special event, they will make a public performance in Mojácar’s Plaza Nueva on Saturday October 6th, as part of the Virgen del Rosario Fiesta.
CDA31 started up in France in 2002 and, already has more than three thousand members, all united by their passion to dance, regardless of skill level or age, as a love of music and movement is the only requirement to join in.
The members hold five conventions each year, the majority of which are held in Spain. It’s not the first time they have been in Mojácar, but it will be the first time they will perform before a Mojaquero public.
At the Fiesta performance there will be twelve dancers showing different types of dance routines with four troupes performing their own choreographies and four singers making appearances throughout the show.
On a more local level, the Garrucha Dance School, which as a result of these conventions has joined the CDA31 Association, will be part of the dance entertainment for the Mojácar show.
Association members and organizers taking part in the convention are, CDA31 President, Guy Trouval, along with Directors, Jérôme Torres and Michelle Royon, who will all be part of the team of 14 teachers, along with the 5 DJ’s who are in charge of the music.
On this special programme will be the all time favourite dances, such as the tango, waltz and cha-cha-cha, along with newer styles such as country, bachata and salsa. All of them and more will be on show at Mojácar’s Plaza Nueva on October 6th at 6 p.m. for a free, unmissable show to get the Fiesta off to a great start.