Mojácar hosts literary and cultural conference.

Mojácar’s Parador Hotel will be the venue for the second Literary and Cultural Conference on September 21 and 22, organized by the Cultural Association of Levante Almeriense, ACLA, with the collaboration of Mojácar Council and the province’s leading businessmen.

ACLA, a leading body with regard to political, economic and social news on all European Community countries, will be addressing issues this year such as the role of culture in Europe’s development, Spain’s cultural contribution and the construction of a cultural shared space in the European Union and, particularly the topic ‘Is there a differentiated Spanish culture within the European context’?
The conference will feature some outstanding speakers, such as the writer and diplomat, Inocencio Arias, Juana Laousse, the former Director of Communication for the European Parliament, Manuel Ángel Vázquez Medel, Professor at Seville University and past President of the RTVA Audiovisual Council, Juan Cruz Ruiz, journalist and writer, as well as a number of prestigious Andalucían media directors.
Antonio Sánchez Trigueros, Granada University Professor and 2017 Conference President of Honour, along with Francisco Morales Lomas, Alfonso Berlanga and Manuel Gahete, will all participate in the meetings as well as act as advisors, together with the writer, journalist and President of ACLA, conference organizer Francisco López Barrios.
Founded in 2017 in Mojácar, ACLA is a non-profit making cultural association whose purpose is to boost the cultural activities that take place in Eastern Almería, with round table discussions that are open to the public.
The Association was launched in September last year with the First Conference of Andalucían Writers and Editors, which was attended by luminaries from the publishing world. Those present included the President of the Andalucían Publishers Association, representatives from the Andalucían Critics and Writers Association and the Collegiate Association of Spanish Writers, publishers such as Planeta, Dauro and Atlántico, various National and Andalucían Poetry and Critics Award winners along with numerous writers at the highest level in Spanish literature.