Mojácar hosts open water swimming provincial circuit

The third race in the Open Water Swimming Provincial Circuit has been held in Mojácar.

The event was organized by Mojácar Council with the collaboration of the Almería Provincial Council and the coordination of the company AT-Sport Eventos.
The race took place on the Vista de los Ángeles beach with a total of 175 participants from different parts of Almería and other Andalucía provinces. This meant it was a success in terms of participation and a demonstration of the interest which this kind of event sparks among open water swimmers.
The swimming circuits were adapted to each category: the category for minors and adapted covered a distance of 200 metres; the junior category, 1,000 metres. The rest of the categories covered 2,000 metres, equivalent to two laps of the proposed circuit.
Following a digression due to the anti-Covid health measures, one of the sporting traditions which sparks most interest, both among professional sportspeople and amateurs, got back under way.
The consolidation of this circuit among adapted sport swimmers and their inclusion in a category on top of the existing ones is particularly noteworthy. It’s an interest which Mojácar Council and the Provincial Council have as a goal to equalise opportunities among Almerians, whatever their condition.
Sports Councillor, Francisco García Cerdá, and Tourism Councillor, Emmanuel Agüero Leclerc, were there for all the races. They also presented the prizes to the winners.
The Sports Councillor expressed his satisfaction at the smooth organisation of the sporting event, which took place without any kind of incident. He also wanted to highlight the importance of these initiatives in promoting the pairing of sport and tourism, Mojácar having the ideal setting for combining both activities, and in which the whole family can take part.
With the final qualifying event for this Open Water Swimming Provincial Circuit still to go, and which will take place in Almería, for the moment, Daniel Muñoz from the Almería Swimming Club in the Male Category and Laura López in the Women’s Category stand out as possible overall winners in this 2021 circuit.