“Mojácar la vieja” on show at Granada University´s Faculty of Philosophy and Arts.

Over 100 photographs capturing the archaeological works carried out in Mojácar over the last two summers are currently on exhibition at Granada University.

The 125 images were taken by Emilio Aramburu during the excavation campaigns on Mojácar la Vieja and, they are a vibrant representation of the human aspect of the archaeological procedures that are involved in such a project.
The exhibition was inaugurated on November 18th by José Antonio Pérez Tapias, Dean of the Granada University’s Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, along with the Director of Excavations, Dr. José María Civantos. It will be open until January 15th in the busy faculty refectory, which is in daily use by its 7,000 students and 300 professors.
The exhibition, where some of the excavation team are on hand to discuss their work, also features spectacular 3D photographs taken by the Mojácar based sculptor, Roberto Manzano.
The Mojácar la Vieja archaeological works are being promoted and financed by Mojácar Council in coordination with the Biocultural Laboratory of Archaeology at Granada University and with the collaboration of the Valparaíso Foundation.
In the two campaigns that have been carried out so far on this ancient settlement and fortress, more than two hundred students and professionals have taken part, together with volunteers from Mojácar and across the region.
Aramburu, armed with his camera, set out to focus on those that played a leading role as well as the many different characters involved as these archaeological works progressed, which required physical strength, combined with meticulous care and caution. After taking nearly 2,000 photographs, he then summarized his particular vision of events and Mojácar’s heritage with this personal selection of photographs.
Mojácar Council is both proud and pleased with the development of this ongoing initiative that is extending knowledge of the ancient settlement and, as a consequence, raising the town’s patrimonial value.