Mojácar´s Moors and Christians present their 2019 Brochure and Programme

Mojácar’s Moors and Christians Association, Al-Mosaquer, recently presented their glossy “Moros y Cristianos” brochure which includes the official programme and poster for this year´s fiesta. It is the third edition of this publication, which also pulls together photographs, related articles and inaugural speeches, as well as other events that will take place in the town over the action-packed weekend from June 14th to 16th.

The presentation took place in Mojácar’s Plenary Hall, with the local Councillor for Tourism, Emmanuel Agüero, Al-Mosaquer President, Diego Morales García, Association Treasurer, Juan Pedro Montoya and, Councillor Ana García.
Emmanuel Agüero stressed how important this eagerly anticipated event was, not only to the people of the town, but for tourism in general. He also added that it has been broadened year after year to incorporate activities and new ideas that take it way beyond a usual fiesta, all designed to enrich and complement the event with a broader historical and cultural significance.
The fiesta has the full support of Mojácar Council and, Emmanuel Agüero also announced that a medieval camp would be set up to recreate the typical everyday life of the era, aimed to entertain as well as provide historical knowledge. The idea sprang from the discoveries made last year through the excavations on Mojácar la Vieja and, the interest the townspeople have expressed in finding out more about their roots. This concept will be an addition to the Moros y Cristianos Museum that was created last year and, the educational workshops organized for the Bartolomé Flores school pupils.
The President, Diego Morales, announced some other new events for this year, including a concert on Saturday, June 1st, at Mojácar’s Centro de Usos Múltiples featuring popular Moors and Christians marches. Also, the photographic contest has been extended to five categories, each with a prize of €200, although there is no restriction on the number of images that can be entered before the September 15th deadline.
2,500 copies of “Mojácar Moros y Cristianos” have been printed, which are now being handed out, free of charge. This year´s edition, said the Association, has a much greater content as well as more pages, with even more images of the fiesta characters and highlights. It also includes an article covering the Mojácar La Vieja excavation findings written by the archaeologists involved on the first campaign, an insight to some of the origins of Mojácar and the people´s way of life all those centuries ago.