Mojácar Municipal Music School 2021-2022 course comes to a close.


The Mojácar Municipal Music School 2021-2022 school year comes to a close with a musical demonstration by the centre’s students.

From the very youngest, aged just over three, to the most veteran, they had the opportunity to show the progress they have made over the course, which was finally able to resume following the pandemic.

The start of the classes at the Municipal Music School was a complete success in the number of new enrolments, mainly among the youngest.

Very important additions, according to Music Band Director Miguel Ángel Miranda, given that they are the foundations of the school and the talent pool of the future musicians who make up the Mojácar Municipal Music Band, which is one with the most standing in Almería province.

There are currently close to 125 students in the school. It has four teachers divided between brass and percussion, woodwind, piano, guitar and the Municipal Music Band director. A broad range of instruments which every year is increased with new instruments.

For this course a teaching singer joined the school, who initiates those interested in opera and lyrical singing, which is in addition to the dance classes, both activities linked to the music school.

Music and movement, musical language, instrumental teaching, musical ensembles, vocal and instrumental groups, as well as the opportunity to reach medium grade, are some of the disciplines taught at the school.

This school’s most significant project is the Municipal Music Band, which is among Almería’s best 10.

The band is made up of 60 musicians, who in all their performances outside the locality have well-deserved fame, the band being one of the most applauded and recognised.

The registration period for the music school is now open. Anyone interested, of any age and any musical level, can join and have access to the learning their preferred musical instrument.

The Municipal Music School offers the opportunity, both to children and adults of any age, to access the world of the melody and of musical instruments.