Mojácar music schools holds end of year concert.

The students of Mojácar´s Music School recently gave a well attended concert at the Centro de Usos Múltiples, with proud parents, relatives and friends in the audience, including the town´s Culture and Education Councillors, Raquel Belmonte and Ana Garcia, showing their support.

For the first time, the School Choir students joined in this end of year event, with songs by Mecano and Rosario Flores. The programme also included a guitar duo, playing Manuel de Falla as well as five guitarists delighting the listeners with a medley of well-known tunes from over the years.
The Town Music Band and the School students, including those from the introductory and preparatory courses, performed a wide musical programme which clearly demonstrated the great progress they have all made over the last year.
Founded 25 years ago, Mojácar´s Music School currently has almost 200 students and band members aged between 3 and 75 years, although countless more have already passed through its classrooms since it was set up. As everyone knows, there is no age limit to learn or enjoy music and start to appreciate the world of music and sound.
There are four teachers at the School, providing classes at elementary and intermediate level for the practice of any instrument, be it string, wind or percussion, as well as preparation for the entrance exam to the Conservatory of Music in Almeria. Most members of the Municipal Music Band have trained at Mojácar’s School, which also runs a range of dance classes.

Raquel Belmonte, Mojácar´s Culture Councillor expressed her delight with all the students at the School and how it is facilitating these youngsters saying, “music education is an important keystone in children´s education, contributing to their integral training by developing their physical, emotive and moral life, although, the benefits are clearly evident for anyone at any age.”