Mojácar´s Night of the Candles: a participation success

Neither the change of date nor the cancellation due to the “Dana” storm cast a shadow over Mojácar’s celebration on its “Night of the Candles”, which turned out to be a true success for participation.

Under a spectacular sky and with an enviable temperature, more than 8,000 candles hanging in the streets of Mojácar’s old town shone, offering an old town full of charm and magic.
Although it is still not possible to evaluate the number of people who took part in such a special night, it is noteworthy that the 15 buses which covered the route from the beach to the village arrived full from 6pm, when they began the route, until 2.45am, when the last bus left Mojácar village.
The special transport service for the Night of the Candles, organised by the Local Council and the transport company, functioned correctly, as did the ticket offices set up for buying the transport tickets.
The 2023 Night of the Candles started earlier than previous editions, as did the traffic operation planned by the Local Police and the Council. The village started to come alive early afternoon and the number of visitors increased as the night went on.
The Mojácar Pueblo Traders’ Association is very pleased with the assessment of the celebration, which it has rated as the “best” of all the years and the change of date for September by the Local Council as a “wise move”.
This new position on the calendar gives a boost to deseasonalisation and comes at a time in the season when the number of visitors starts to go down, coinciding with the arrival of British residential tourism.
The hotels registered a better than good occupancy and the hospitality trade businesses worked until their stock nearly ran out.
Mojácar Council also considers moving the event date a good option, placing its new position within the municipal plans to strengthen and expand the offers outside the traditional summer season.
A further boost to strengthen the image of the municipality and its appeal throughout the year.