Mojácar receives a visit from members of the elite unit of the National Police

Mojácar was the meeting point for a group of retired members of the elite unit of the Spanish National Police, more popularly known as GEOS.

Members of the first promotions of the unit, from all parts of the country, specialised in high-risk operations, spent a few days in Mojácar to relax and get to know the locality.

It also served for two special meetings: to meet again with members of the Mojácar Local Police, with whom they worked and established a friendship through their collaboration with the Almería narcotics group, and to once again greet a very special Mojácar resident who they had cause to rescue in the famous robbery of the Central Bank of Barcelona in 1981 when he was one of the hostages that the robbers held kidnapped during the attempted robbery.

More than 20 GEOS and their families were received in the Town Hall meeting room by the Mayor and commanders of the Mojácar Local Police.

In an official act, but one full of emotional and friendly gestures, the mayor, Francisco García Cerdá, welcomed them to the municipality, wishing them an enjoyable stay in Mojácar and recognising the important work they did throughout their years of service.

The spokesperson for the GEOS group, on behalf of his colleagues, presented the mayor with a plaque commemorating their visit as a memento of their time in Mojácar.

He also thanked Pedro Montoya, Chief of the Local Police, and his officers for their collaboration during their joint work in the Almería drug group. Thanks to this joint work, they achieved “important achievements,” as he stated, also presenting a plaque as a memento of this meeting, after 40 years, that Montoya received on behalf of the Local Police.

Finally, and undoubtedly the most emotional speech of the event, was given by the Mojácar resident, Ángel Valero, who was kidnapped in the Central Bank of Barcelona robbery and whose rescuers were in the room.

Very emotional, he recounted his experience in those difficult moments: “I lost six kilos,” highlighting the magnificent actions of this elite unit and that “thanks to them, everything turned out well and they saved our lives.”

Between the exchange of the many anecdotes of that day, the GEOS spokesperson presented Valero with an album with the press clippings that were published about the robbery and that kept the entire country in suspense, filling the front pages of all the media.

Following the event held in the Town Hall meeting room the visitors could take a guided tour of the village’s old town accompanied by an expert from the Tourist Office, who took them around the most emblematic corners and explained the history of the municipality.