Mojácar receives “Top destination” award at Fitur.

On the first day of the FITUR International Tourism Fair at Madrid, the Mojácar desk found itself extremely busy with the massive amount of people who came to see them on the Almería stand, all keen to look at the publicity and information that had been put together for this important tourism event.

Emmanuel Agüero Leclerc, Mojácar’s Tourism Councillor, along with the Tourism Office staff and some of the town’s business people are at the Fair to meet the public and tour operators, with a tight schedule to keep to until the event closes on Sunday 27th January.
As part of the opening day, Mojácar was honoured to receive the “Destino Más Top” award, organized by Cadena TV, which puts out 76 channels throughout Spain. It was handed to the Tourism Councillor, who was especially appreciative and honoured to collect this award, as it is given to the best destination as voted by the viewers.
There will also be the presentation of the SICTED tourist quality award, which is granted by the Secretary of State for Tourism. For Mojácar, it is another renewal, as they achieved this standard some years ago, but are always revalidated successively.
The Mojácar team have taken an immense amount of material to FITUR to hand out to the public and the tourism companies. These include updated brochures along with maps and guides of the town with information on the unmissable spots to visit. They are also armed with copies of their “Mojácar Viva” and “Mojácar Unforgettable Memories” publicity, as well as the gift memorabilia people love to pick up such as Indalos, pens, diaries and notebooks.
Located on the stand of Almería’s Provincial Tourism Service, Mojácar experiences an increased show of interest every year. There is no doubt that besides being officially one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, it is also now one of the best known.
The experienced staff team at the Municipal Tourist Office have the task of creating all the promotional materials about Mojácar, which guarantees a complete package of detailed information on everything that is on offer for visitors to the town.