Mojácar revives its theatrical tradition

Mojácar revives its theatrical tradition with the production of “Indalo, messenger of the gods”.

Mojácar has rediscovered its theatrical roots, in the hands of the “Agrupación Teatral Aquelarre”.

The first municipality in the province of Almeria to have a theatre and a theatre group, has recently returned to the cultural forefront with the gala premiere of “Indalo, Messenger of the Gods”.

This original work was written in the style of “Game of Thrones” by Joaquín Sáez and Antonio Casado, both from Mojácar. It is an allegorical and free adaptation of the famous Indalo story, matching the names of villages of the province with characters in the plot.

For the premiere, they also had the special support of the Mojácar Town Band, who performed live during these first performances.

In total, around 100 people worked to stage this “opera prima”, which raised the town’s expectation to the highest level.

In addition to the 50 members of the Municipal Band, there were a total of 20 actors who portrayed 26 characters.

Also vital to staging the performance were the dance company, technical teams, dressmakers, set designers, assistants, electricians and stage hands.

The Almeria composer, David Miralles, known for his music in various video-clips, musicals and short film projects, contributed the original theme tune for this creation.

The set design was by the artist Serafín Redondo and, Loli Cayuela was the dressmaker in charge of the costumes.

The premiere of “Indalo, Messenger of the Gods” took place last Saturday and Sunday in Mojácar’s Centro de Usos Múltiples and was sold out on both nights.

Over both performances, a supportive audience of more than six hundred enjoyed an exceptional performance and, also witnessed at first-hand the resurrection of a Mojácar tradition.

Thanks to this amateur group, who go under the name of “Aquelarre”, all the local residents have been able to enjoy the great work of this newly formed theatre project.

It has taken a year to prepare and polish the presentation of this work and there is doubt that they have entered the cultural panorama by “the big door”.

After the success of this premiere, the “Aquelarre” Theatre Group plans to continue its activity and to consolidate itself as an association. For this, it already has the support of Mojácar Council and the resident’s firm backing, who identify theatre past and present, with the town.