Mojácar aspires to be a top destination in 2017

The company “CazaAventuras” has been in Mojácar filming a special edition of their TV programme “En busca del destino más top”, in which they are searching for the best destination.

The presenters, “Josemi” and “J.M.” toured various parts of the town and tried out some of the activities that are available to Mojácar’s visitors, to show in their successful and well-known series “Caza Aventuras”.

Accompanied by personnel from Mojácar Town Council’s Tourism Department, they enjoyed; playing Golf on the Marina de la Torre course, scuba diving in the calm Mediterranean waters and, a stroll through the Old Town, checking out Mojácar’s rich history and the timeless charm of its streets.

Also, they couldn’t miss a stroll along the Mena footpath and through Macenas to visit the Pirulico Tower, the Sombrerico beaches and finally experience an unforgettable sunset on Mojácar’s Paseo Marítimo. Just a small sample of the many possibilities that Mojácar has to offer the tourist, which undoubtedly highlight the uniqueness of a destination that always makes a big impression.

Mojácar is represented in every tourist initiative, at media or sector level, promoting its unique offer and brand, which is synonymous with quality.

The TV programme is in its first year of production and seeks the most attractive destination for their viewers between Mojácar and 25 other selected municipalities. It will be broadcast by local TV stations in the Basque Country such as Tele Bilbao, Tele Donostia and Tele Vitoria, as well as on all Local Media TV channels.

It will also be available on YouTube and Facebook where the “likes” and the number of views will be counted and the winning location chosen.

With their natural and friendly manner in front of the cameras, the presenters have managed to attract a million plus audience, of which two hundred and fifty thousand are Basques.

Hopefully, Mojácar will be the top destination, but in any case its good name and what it offers the visitor will be presented to thousands of homes.