Mojácar brings forward Valetine´s to the Weekend with romantic proposals

  Mojácar is bringing forward the celebration of Valentine’s Day and has organised for this weekend romantic proposals that will last throughout Friday and Saturday 10th and 11th of February.. 

The Mojácar Pueblo Traders’ Association, Mojácar Council and the Mariquita La Posá Women’s Association invite all those in love or incurable romantics to enjoy a day of surprises and a Mojácar that will make you fall in love even more in the days running up to Valentine’s.
On entering Mojacar you can choose the romantic route, following the trail of the Indalos and arches of the lovers which will welcome all visitors.
The visit by the King and Queen of Hearts is expected from 6.30pm onwards, and as well as being able to enjoy the beautiful decoration by Ferrero Rocher, this will be complemented by new illuminated romantic decorations, balloons and flowers.
Meanwhile, the restaurateurs of the old town will suggest romantic menus and afternoon snacks for refuelling or for inspiration for the photography competition on the route of love.
For this competition, the rules of which you can find on the municipal “Mojá” website, you only need a friend, pet, family member, or of course, boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse, and to find the snapshot that most defines the moment.
A perfect excuse to enjoy Mojácar and its hospitality, its beautiful decoration and its good work when it comes to organising any event.