III Mojácar Short Film Conference 2024

From the 12th to the 20th of April, the III Mojácar Short Film Conference 2024 will be held in Mojácar, an annual gathering dedicated to all Almeria film professionals who will return to the locality for this edition.
The III Mojácar Short Film Conference is organised by JaG Dreams and AKasado Producciones, in collaboration with Mojácar Council, the Almería Provincial Council and the Junta de Andalucía, as well as numerous sponsoring and collaborating companies.
Throughout the week Mojácar will become a film set and the meeting point for filmmakers and professionals from the world of cinema with all the enthusiasts of the world of the Seventh Art.
Over these days, the screening of the 15 short films made in Almería and that have been selected from among the numerous short films presented in the contest is scheduled, screenings which will be held at the Mojácar Multi-Uses Centre, where all the activities planned for this conference will take place.
There will also be the opportunity to attend a Master Class on Sound in Cinema, given by the experienced sound engineer, Carlos Fernández Tablada, senior sound technician and graduate in Audiovisual Communication at the University of San Pablo, CEU, studying for two years for a PhD in Film Analysis, Theory and Documentation at the Complutense University. He has made numerous short films, feature films and documentaries over his professional career, heading both direct sound and production.
You can also enjoy another OST Master Class given by composer David Miralles, teacher and composer of music for film, theatre, educational projects and recordings. He is the group “Juego Prohibido” singer, guitarist and composer. His Master Class will be related to film soundtracks.
There will be no lack of interesting debate, open to the public, with different film technicians and artists about current cinematography in Almería province, as well as an exhibition of their own experiences.
This third edition of Mojácar short films is much more comprehensive than in previous years. This time you can see the work done by the pupils of the Bartolomé Flores Mojácar Public School and this same locality’s IES Rey Alavez Institute.
You will also be able to see the screening of the short film from the 2024 guest institute, the IES Campos de Níjar; there will be an exhibition of film posters made by the Bartolomé Flores centre pupils; the creation of a film set in Plaza Nueva; the presentation of this year’s guest artist, Jaime Riva, and other cinema surprises that the organisation does not yet want to reveal.
The guest artist, Jaime Riva, began his artistic career very young in theatre and musicals at the Vera Art Festivals, where he was already standing out regarding his future profession.
He graduated in acting from the Madrid Higher School of Dramatic Art of Madrid, RESAD, where he combined work and studies, starting to appear in small audiovisual works.
After graduating, he began his professional career working on top musicals such as “Una Corona para Claudia” and “Los Futbolismos”, premiered at the legendary Latina theatre in Madrid, among many other relevant works.
In the world of television, he has appeared in series such as “Centro Médico”, “Caronte” and the most recent and best-known, “La que se avecina”, in which he has remained for three seasons.