“Mojácar, literary space” begins with great success with Carmen Mola

Carmen Mola, or in other words, Antonio Mercero, Agustín Martínez and Jorge Díaz, inaugurated in Mojácar the “Mojácar, Literary Space” cycle with the presentation of their latest book, “Las Madres” (The Mothers), the fourth part of the saga that started with “La Novia Gitana” (The Gypsy Bride).

The Multi-Uses Centre more than filled up to the expected capacity, with close to 250 people, who, also coming from the whole region, did not want to miss the opportunity to meet the authors up close and discover first-hand how their works were created and how Carmen Mola was born.
During their stay in Mojácar, Antonio Mercero. Agustín Martínez and Jorge Díaz, had the opportunity to take a guided tour of the municipality. And in the afternoon they were received by the mayor of the locality, Rosa María Cano, and her government team, signing the town’s book of honour.
The presentation took place in a relaxed atmosphere, the friendliness and naturalness of the authors standing out, and who at all times held the public’s attention, raising smiles and demonstrating a closeness that, undoubtedly, enfolded those attending.
The success of their presentation was clear when it came to signing copies. All the books on sale in the Multi-Uses Centre sold out, as they had days earlier in the local bookshops.
A long queue of readers patiently waited their turn to get a dedication and the chance to speak in person with Carmen Mola, well-deserved Planeta Prize winner 2021.
Beginning with great success, the “Mojácar, Literary Space” journey, a Mojácar Council and Diario de Almería initiative, aims to bring the most prestigious Spanish writers closer, to promote culture and literature, both among local residents and readers in the Almería Levante region.
A premiere with top guests that will maintain continuity and the great literary level in the following writers to come to Mojácar to present their latest works.
An initiative that demonstrates, once again, that Mojácar is a leading municipality, both in the tourism sector and in the world of art and literature.