Mojácar´s theatre season comes to an end.

Mojácar Council’s theatre season, which ran throughout November, recently closed with a play by the great master Molière, at the town’s Centro de Usos Múltiples.

Molière’s comedies portray an era immortalized by the sharp observations in his works, with his themes on social classes, generation gap conflicts, and all of society’s values and contradictions, which are still as relevant today as they were then.

“Bufonadas Buffet”, based on Molière’s “El Burgés Gentilhombre” and “El Avaro”, closed the season. A unique and classic comedy with wide appeal, the play has an interesting array of characters, brought up to date by DMD productions, under the direction of Luis Sampredro, with Mauricio Albera and Daniel Vignolo taking the main roles.

Amongst the sizeable crowd that turned up to this last show were Raquel Belmonte, Ana García and Emmanuel Agüero, Councillors for Culture, Education and Tourism respectively, all frequent theatre goers during the last month.

This traditional early winter season in Mojácar attempts, with these plays, to bring the theatre right to the audience’s doorstep, keeping alive the local love for drama of all kinds, for all generations. The other important writers that have featured this year include; Darío Fo, a Nobel Literature Prize winner, with the representation of “Pareja Abierta” and the Álvarez Quintero brothers with “Noviazgo, Bodas y Divorcio”.