Mojácar continues its theatrical season with the Play “Plancton”

The “Ven al Teatro” season, encouraging everyone to go along to the theatre, returns to Mojácar on Friday, October 9th at 9 p.m. at the town’s Centro de Usos Múltiples Multiples.

The play, “Plancton,” is in the hands of Hilo Rojo, an international theatre company currently based in Seville at the Centro de Investigación Teatral Atalaya-TNT.

This independent company cleverly formulates its shows with a multidisciplinary fusion of drama, music, song, and disguise. “Plancton” tells of a world suspended between reality and dreams and, reveals the thoughts of those who continuously go in search of their own personal and artistic fulfilment. It is an ode to the human mind and body which, often subconsciously, constantly wanders to places of desire.

Mojácar Council’s Culture Department, in conjunction with Almería Provincial Council, will continue this theatrical cycle throughout October, which includes visits from prominent companies showcasing their new works before touring the country’s venues. It is a chance for theatregoers to experience the latest trends to hit the stage and, Mojácar Council is keen to offer these performances at an inclusive price, adhering to all the current appropriate health and safety measures.

The local Culture Councillor Raquel Belmonte, was keen to encourage everyone to enjoy these autumn nights’ of entertainment, although it important to buy tickets in advance at the Pueblo Tourism Office or at the venue as seats are limited due to social distancing. As a reminder, also, the use of masks is mandatory and the audience, once seated, is requested to remain seated during the show.