Mojácar Triathlon 2017

Next Sunday, May 28, sees the 5th annual running of the Mojácar Cross Triathlon, a classic sporting event in Andalucia.

The event has already attracted more than 50 triathletes, although around 100 are expected to participate as entries are still coming in.

The Cross Mojácar Triathlon is organized by Mojácar Council in collaboration with the Federación Andaluza de Triatlón and, coordinated by the sports event company Almeritair Sport.

The race is made up of three parts, starting with a 1,000 metre swim followed by 20 kilometres of cycling and finally, a 6 kilometre run. All of the trials will take place in and around the Playa de Macenas.

The cycle test consists of a circuit that runs from the Castillo de Macenas to the Manacá Chiringuito, then up to the hamlet of Sopalmo and down the rambla to end at the starting point.

The running race follows the Macenas beach, along the Sendero de la Mena, returning to the Castillo.

The event is run almost entirely by the seashore, renowned for its scenic beauty. It is not a significantly difficult course, which makes it very attractive for athletes and, it always enjoys a high level of participation.

To ensure a safe and successful day for all the trials, Mojácar Council has arranged a safety service made up of the Local Police, Civil Protection, the Red Cross, lifeguards, a mobile UVI unit, a doctor and ATS as well as volunteers who will support the judges and officials in charge of the sporting aspects.