Mojácar´s Rey Alabez pupils take part in the “Live and Feel your Heritage” Programme.

Forty five pupils from Mojácar’s Rey Alabez Institute, recently accompanied their teachers and toured their town’s most emblematic buildings and characteristic places as part of the Ministry of Education’s programme “Vivir y Sentir el Patrimonio”.

Guided by staff from the Tourism Office, it was a chance to see and hear at first hand the story of old Mojácar, especially the history of the Reconquest in the area.
The walking route began at the Fuente, where there was also a chance to take in the current photography exhibition at the “Centro de Arte La Fuente.” Then, taking the old hill, Cuesta de la Fuente, that for centuries gave access to the town, they ascended to the old town to make a stop at the historic town entrance, the “Arco de la Ciudad” or “Puerta de la Almedia”, where they discovered the story behind Mojácar’s coat of arms.
They then continued to the Plaza del Parterre, with its relief scenes of the Reconquest reproduced from Toledo Cathedral’s interior seating. From the nearby statue of the Mojaquera, it was time to visit the Church, Iglesia de Santa María and, hear some details about the beautifully painted fresco inside.
Some of the pupils also had the chance to act as guides, giving descriptions to their group, such as Andrea, who explained the Indalo’s origin then María and Ana who told their companions the old romantic legend surrounding the cave, the Cueva de Mariquita la Posada.
Along the way, they learnt the origin of some of the street names and the importance of their town, meeting the project’s aim “to live and feel your heritage”. All in all, an excellent way of making sure that the young generation both appreciates and enjoys the historical, artistic and cultural values that surround them.