Mojácar´s flamenco spectacular showcases top stars from Jerez and Granada.

As part of the packed Christmas programme put together by Mojácar Council, and, as one of the last events before the traditional New Year bells by the Church, Saturday’s Flamenco Gala “Jerez y Granada al Baile” drew in a full house at the town’s Centro de Usos Múltiples.

Every year, the show organisers present artists from across Andalucía, with the aim of showing the different aspects of this multifaceted, moving and exciting art form. The Flamenco Centres of Granada and Jerez de la Frontera both have the highest quality performers, although each with completely different styles and, the main dancers chosen for this occasion were Jairo Amaya and Carlos Castillo, both with extensive experience on Spanish and international stages.
Jairo Amaya is one of the most important young male artists in Jerez, with a great talent and personality. From childhood, he has studied with some of Jerez’s leading teachers, developing his own formidable style through his strong work ethic and love of his craft. Granada based Carlos Castillo, embodies elegance, demonstrating a beautiful balance to his dance that is so mesmerising to watch.
Singing was in the hands of Antonio Heredia, a young man with a powerful melodic voice, which was highly appreciated by the audience. On accompaniment, was Manuel Fernández, a guitar virtuoso and regular TV performer, who combines the pure art sounds with his unique intuitive skill.
As an exciting addition to the advertised show, surprise guest star, Perico el Pañero appeared, which also brought a special touch to spectacular finale with the entire Gala cast. As the event drew to a close, the artists thanked all those who had come along to support and cheer them on, as well as Mojácar Council for their continued support in these flamenco projects.