Mojácar´s Mayor Rosmari Cano visits the clean up operation at the Río Aguas.

Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosmari Cano, accompanied by the Minister for the Environment and Regional Planning, José Fiscal, recently visited the works that are being carried out along a 1.5 km section of the Río Aguas, in the Laguna de Mojácar.

This is an area that has been protected for the last 30 years by Almería’s Provincial Plan for the Protection of the Physical Environment and, since the four phases of work got underway at the beginning of October last year, 295,625 euros have been invested.

At the moment, following all appropriate environmental checks, the jobs of clearing, forestry treatment and replacing the river bank’s waterway sediments are being carried out. The naturalization of the affected area is being done through planting the banks with indigenous species, namely white poplar, tarais and oleander), which are in a group of great CO2-fixers.

On this particular subject, the Environmental Minister has stressed that the protection of these ecosystems reinforces the function of these spaces which protect the banks against floods, further establishing the benefits of these on-going activities in the fight against climate change.

Rosmarí Cano also expressed her pleasure that the work, which had been requested by the whole town for a long time due to the danger posed by the bad state of the estuary, is finally being carried out. The works, which will come to an end in February, will be followed by a study to extend the cleaning of the riverbed.

The Minister stressed that with these measures, the drainage has been substantially improved in this phase already, with more than 80% treated, so that the longstanding problems that have concerned the Hydraulic Public Domain (which responds to the need to guarantee protection for water resources and their ecosystem) are resolved.