Mojácar´s Mirador and Plaza Nueva reopens to the public

Mojácar Town Council recently held an extraordinary plenary session with a single item on the agenda, to pass all the legal procedures for the opening and use of the town’s Mirador and the remodelled Plaza Nueva.

In order to accommodate the town’s influx of visitors over Easter and the start of the tourist season, this plenary session approved the handover of the works after a favourable legal and technical report. Thanks to the votes of the Popular Party and Councillor Lucas Mayo, the Plaza Nueva opened to the public and, the traffic though the old town of Mojácar returned to normal last Sunday.

The Plaza Nueva now covers an area of ​​531 square metres, finished in marble from Macael in earth tones harmonious with the spectacular landscape in the background.

It has steps and an access ramp, in addition to a glass enclosed elevator, that will connect the plaza to the municipal offices once the second phase part of the project is completed.

The main purpose of the remodelling that has taken place in the square was to increase the functionality and improve the accessibility of the viewpoint.

The demolition and reconstruction of Mojácar’s Plaza Nueva and the new facilities for the Town Hall is one of the most important projects Mojácar has undertaken in recent years.

The square that we now call the Plaza Nueva dates back to the 16th century, although the first structure, as we know it now, was built in 1969, on top of a building that housed various different municipal services.

After numerous repairs and structural problems in the building, it was decided to rebuild it using the latest architectural techniques that ensured safety, whilst making the internal useful once more.

The Plaza Nueva and the Mirador are open to the public, although some of the street furniture will be installed in the next few days, restoring the café culture to the open terraces and the bustle of visitors enjoying the incomparable views.