Young Mojaquera, Osaïa Reding, takes fifth place in the World Kitesurfing Championship

Osaïa Reding, the most international of Mojácar’s young athletes, has once again excited the sport of Kitesurfing by gaining fifth place in the world championship, which is especially impressive as she is now competing with the top stars in the adult category at only 14 years of age.

Organized by the Global Kite Association Air Games, she has worked through four tough tests in France, the Dominican Republic, Germany and Spain to be placed in this impressive position, competing with riders of all nationalities and as the youngest in the competition.

The GKA is directed towards the discipline called “big air”, in which the athletes’ jumps and manoeuvres carried out in strong winds, always striving for more height, are the winning skills.
Osaia is well versed in stepping onto the podium, boasting an enviable sporting curriculum. Last year she was world champion in her category and in 2016 she was champion here in Spain and a runner-up in Europe. Recently, she was proclaimed Junior Champion of France and is always among the best everywhere she competes.

In her hectic schedule there are also two freestyle rounds in the World Kiteboarding Championship, held in Morocco and Brazil.

She will then spend the winter with her family in Brazil and Colombia, training with the world’s best.
The 2019 season will begin in Argentina in March, then it will be onto France, Spain, Portugal, Hawaii, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Germany and Ireland.

With these great sporting displays, even at such a young age, she also keeps up good grades with her online studies in a special designed programme for young athletes. No wonder she is hailed as one of the best stars in the world of Kitesurfing and nothing can put the brakes on her career that has brought so many major titles that her competitors aspire towards.
One of her sponsors, Mojácar Council, keenly follows Osaïa’s progress and, Deputy Mayor, Emmanuel Agüero Leclerc, is well aware of how seriously she trains with a tenacity and will to keep improving.

She can often be seen during the summer, on the beach by the Hotel Indalo, where her parents’ have a surf school.
However, wherever she goes off to attend international championships, Osaïa has the shield and name of Mojácar proudly emblazoned on her board and, there could be no better representative for the town’s younger generation.