Natalie Rocha presents her exhibition “Entramas” in Mojácar .

The La Fuente Municipal Art Centre in Mojácar opens an exhibition by the multi-disciplinary artist Natalie Rocha Capiello.

A resident of Bédar, the work of Natalie Rocha is marked by an expressionist language in which she plays with the figurative and the abstract, moving through a marked symbolic accent.
Under the title “Entramas”, the author makes a selection from the series
“De tripas corazón, corazones sin coraza” (bite the bullet, hearts without armour), which within “Un Mar en Calma” (A Calm Sea), refers to one of the most relevant events in today’s world: the migratory movement taking place across the whole planet. An allegory of the suffering experienced by the migrant when trying to cross the “border walls” and the life that drastically changes.
Her exhibition wants to pay tribute to the 3,077 personas who died or disappeared in the Mediterranean in 2021 alone, on a calm sea, under a clear and radiant sun.
The originality of her works lies in the use of fabric, embroidery and needlework which, together with the painting, has an impact on the viewer, communicating her message with a very distinctive language which leaves nobody indifferent.
Attending the inauguration was Mojácar Council Cultural Councillor Raquel Belmonte, who highlighted how spectacular the exhibition is, its beauty, high quality and the emotion that each work gives off, some made with details made with the migrants themselves.
She was accompanied at the inauguration by the master Dani Figueras on guitar, who offered a short guitar concert, and who in two shows – at 1pm and at 7pm – will accompany visitors to the exhibition throughout the time it is open to the public, until 1st April, and with free entry.
The La Fuente municipal art hall opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 2pm and from 6pm to 8.30pm, although there is the possibility of arranging programmed visits by getting in touch on WhatsApp via the telephone number featured on the poster publicising the exhibition.