Piano concert in Mojácar for the “Indalos de flores”.

The piano students from the Mojácar Municipal Music School gave a concert with which they wanted to pay a small homage to the “Indalos de Flores”, which for the second year in a row had to be postponed due to the health restrictions.

The Plaza del Parterre, dominated by an indalo of flowers and the decorations typical of this festivity, was the setting for this musical show offered by eight of the music school’s young pianists.
From classical music like Handel’s Passacaglia to pop and music from well-known video games, and under the direction of their teacher Yolanda Parra, they filled the plaza and the streets of Mojácar with happy musical notes.
The Municipal Music School teaches, among others, this instrument, which is one of the most complete there is.
The municipal school’s piano department offers the students the opportunities and the levels they want to reach: whether they just want the pleasure of learning to play or as preparation for studying a degree in piano.
Traditionally they offer several concerts throughout the year, at which you can appreciate the students’ progress.
This year they wanted to coincide with the “Indalos de Flores” festivity, its celebration having been interrupted by Covid-19.
The “Indalos de Flores”, organised by the Mojácar Pueblo Traders Association in collaboration with the Mojácar local authority, has been successfully celebrated since 2016, with many taking part.
Last year it was social media which, through videos, displayed the distinctive indalos decorating homes, balconies and patios, recreating typical corners of Mojácar, thanks to Mojácar’s youngsters.
For the 2021 edition, again thanks to young people, the “Indalo de Flores” was full of musical notes, in anticipation of being able to get back to the celebration just as it has been done: a welcome to spring, full of flowers, open-air dancing and fun in all the corners and streets of Mojácar.