Programme of religious acts for Semana Santa in Mojácar

The religious events that mark the beginning of Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Mojácar are already taking place this week, with the traditional Novenas that will be officiated until the 7 of April, at nine in the evening in the Town’s Santa Maria Parish Church.

The official Easter activities organised by Mojácar Council for this year’s Semana Santa start with a concert of Sacred Music performed by the Town’s Municipal Band, on Saturday April 8 at 9 pm, in Mojácar’s Santa María Parish Church.

On Palm Sunday, the Procession of the Donkey will depart from La Fuente at 11:00 a.m. and proceed to the Parish Church accompanied by the Municipal Band for the blessing of the Palms and Olives, as well as to receive Holy Mass.

This gospel passage of Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem is depicted in Mojácar as a living procession, with Jesus accompanied by his apostles, children and the townspeople with their palm and olive branches.

On Tuesday, April 11, at 10:00 pm, the Stations of the Cross will leave the Parish Church and be taken through the streets of Mojácar Pueblo, carried solely on the shoulders of women bearers.

The processions of The Nazarene and The Virgin of Sorrows will leave the Parish Church at 22.30 on Holy Thursday, passing along the streets of the town, accompanied by the Municipal Band.

The beautiful ornate floats or thrones (tronos) with their sculpted images (pasos) have had to be adapted to suit the special characteristics of the locality and the narrow, winding streets which make its passage especially spectacular. There are places where the accuracy of the bearers is essential as they have only a few centimetres to spare between the tronos and the houses. Through the Town Wall Gate the bearers are required to be almost to their knees to allow the pasos to go through the gap.

The Holy Burial procession will take place on Good Friday at 22.30 from the Santa Maria Parish Church, once again going through the streets of the town accompanied by the Municipal Band.

Mojácar Holy Week’s religious events come to an end on Sunday at noon, after celebrating the Mass, with the procession of the Risen Christ making the last tour through the town