Ascent to the Picacho Hill

Time (go and return): 60-90 minutes   Type of route: Walking and cycling  Difficult: medium

This route offers a panoramic view of the village: Mojácar from the top, from the Picacho Hill, in the middle of the Sierra de Cabrera. The departure is the street “C/Fuensanta” that borders the public school playground, and leads to the top towards the “Huerta Alta”. This earthy road originally made for the installation of the TV antennas, allows a comfortable and gentle ascent. Along the way, you can see that the edges are plenty of carob trees, almond trees and Aleppo pines, widely dispersed. Further on, the road divides into two parts, take to the left. The sides of the path are now full of bushes such as rosemary, thyme, Anthyllis Cytisoides -little yellow flower-, and smelly lavender. Here, men have made the landscape richer: you will meet ruins of abandoned farms and walls out of stones that used to delimitate the garden plots. Once you are on the top, and a little before the antennas, on the left hand side you can take the track that leads to the small radio house. From there, you will have a good view of the valley “río Aguas”. Finally, rejoin the path that drives to the TV relay. There, the view of Mojácar with the sea in the background is surely worth a picture, doesn’t it?

To return you have two options. One is retracing your path. The other one is shorter but harder for it is quite a pronounced slope; in this case you will need to go around the antennas. On the left hand side you will find a track, and can start to go down, turning then back on the antennas. The end of the walk will lead you directly to Mojácar-Village to the street C/Polaco.