Route Sopalmo – Rambla of Granatilla

Time: 90 minutes   Type of route: Walking and cycling  Difficulty: easy

Taking the road from Mojácar Beach in the direction of Carboneras, you go past the sign for « Castillo de Macenas ». Once you have reached the Golf Course, keep on this road leading to “El Sopalmo”, a picturesque district of Mojácar. There, you can see on your left hand side, and close to a small bar, a sign indicating the beginning of the route.

The route begins with a concrete ramp about 100 metres long, making easier access to the circuit. It is the natural slope of a dry riverbed (rambla). The landscape is if a great range of colours, going from grey to brown, through shades of purple; you are at 190 metres above sea level. Follow the rambla that will lead you directly to its fall into the sea. There, Rambla Granatilla looks wild, and is plenty of volcanic rocks that have cooled due to contact with water. To go back, take the same path in reverse.

When it rains, it´s advisable not to take this route.