The Caja Rural – Seguros RGA cycling team starts its training in Mojácar

Mojácar once again has the presence of the Caja Rural- Seguros RGA cycling team, which for 12 days has been in the locality for its first winter training meeting ahead of the next competition season.

For the second time, Caja Rural-Seguros RGA chose the locality of Mojácar as the start to the preseason, a gathering of great importance according to its sports coach as with this meeting and with these training sessions, the foundations are laid for its team strategy that will set the pattern for 2024.
The squad of 22 professional riders and 25 from the affiliate team met in Mojácar, taking advantage of this opportunity to share the trial run together on Mojácar’s roads, which, according to their coaches are ideal for this due to the good condition of the road surfaces, as well as the low levels of traffic and the respect of drivers when they come across the squad. It is also important to highlight the good weather that there always is.
This important team’s squad has stayed at the Servigroup Marina Playa hotel in Mojácar, which enjoys an unbeatable location on the beachfront, and where they find the best facilities, not only in accommodation; it has four swimming pools, three of them saltwater and one heated, a Wellness centre and four tennis courts, having everything necessary to look after and serve the athletes after the effort of the training. They also have everything necessary for looking after and checking the bikes.
When they leave Mojácar, the cyclists will go home to continue training. The first race is scheduled for the end of January; before that there will be the official presentation of the team to the media.
The prospects for the 2024 season are looking good, according to its sports director; the last one was very good and this year they hope to repeat or improve results.
They have undoubtedly chosen the meeting well, which according to experts, is very important for the proper development of the season.
The team and the coaches were greeted by the Sports Councillor Jesús Montoya Gredilla at Mojácar Town Hall, who, accompanied by Ricardo Escudero, Area Director of Servigroup Mojácar Hotels, wanted to wish them luck and much success for the next season, taking an equal interest in their stay in Mojácar and their impressions on the training routes.
Following the break due to the pandemic, it is gratifying to see the cycling teams on the local roads again.
At the beginning of next year, in January, the Belgian cycling team is expected, which will also restart the routine of previous years and will have its winter training headquarters in Mojácar.
The visits of sports teams from Europe to Mojácar restarts, which is excellent news for the locality and for the tourism sector in its fight against seasonality.