Mojácar closes the 2021 Tourism Campaign with exceptional occupancy figures

Mojácar registered more than satisfactory figures in the 2021 summer campaign, as the summary produced by the Municipal Tourism Office with data gathered from 1st June to 20th October records.

Occupancy was high. It reached an average of 93% in the first fortnight of August, the figure rising according to the accommodation chosen.
The average occupancy is also considered high, producing very favourable percentages, which from June to October reached 80%, especially considering that for the places in the hotel, hostel and tourist apartment category, they respected the reduction in capacity for these establishments’ communal areas, swimming pools and restaurants were respected.
September also went exceptionally well, with average occupancy of more than 80%.
La general picture from June to September was the presence of mainly national tourists, in a proportion of 93% compared to 7% international tourists.
However, from mid-September to the second fortnight of October, clients of European origin, until then practically non-existent, started to be included. France, Belgium, the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands are the tourists detected both in the statistics for visits to the tourism portal and in-face-to-face visits to the Municipal Tourism Office.
From this office during the period of reference a total of 34,833 enquiries were dealt with. Of these, 21,018 were physical consultations at their offices and 13,815 via different social media.
What’s more, the increase in interest in getting to know Mojácar and its offer has been confirmed in the figures gathered on the Local Council website, which received 29,357 users on these dates.
The total Google views, taken from the Municipal Tourist Office listing, was 54.1 million during the quarter. Social media also increased considerably during this period.
The use of the QR Autoguide codes installed at the municipality’s main places of interest also increased. They were used 2,698 times, of which 93% were in Spanish and the rest in English.
Forty-one per cent of the tourists who used the Mojácar tourist information services were staying in the municipality. Of the 8,412 surveys carried out in these office, 3,509 corresponded to tourists staying in the locality.

In the profile of the tourist who enjoyed their holidays in Mojacar, 41% were families, 47% couples, nearly 5% young tourism, close to 6% senior tourism, and slightly more than 1% people on their own.
Of these, 69% booked through the Internet, 20% directly with the accommodation and 10% through travel agencies.
The average stay was six nights. Almost half were in a four-star hotel, followed by tourist apartments, private apartments, three-star hotels, camping in the locality, motor homes, and finally, rural houses.
Mojácar has total registered accommodation of 16,879 places, of which 4,293 correspond to hotels, 4,293 to tourist apartments, 407 to camp sites, 74 to rural houses, 58 to properties of rural use and 6,058 to holiday homes.