Vara Tartalo and Pedro Barranco exhibit in Mojácar

An exhibition of painting and sculpture by the artists M.Vara Tartalo and Pedro Barranco has been inaugurated at the La Fuente Municipal Art Centre in Mojácar.

Madrid-born Vara Tartalo studied drawing, painting and sculpture in the capital, where she also taught.
The works by Vara Tártalo that she presents in this retrospective exhibition are defined as works of colour, infinite vibrations, a brave painting and in absolute harmony with the artistic movements of the moment, despite having been created some years ago.
Vara was awarded the Metro Club Iberia Visual Arts Competition First Prize in Painting in 1988, third prize in the Renfe- TVE-Club Iberia- Retevisión- Metro de Madrid 1st Visual Arts Collective Competition in 1989, and third prize in the same competition in 1991. She has taken part in a great number of exhibitions, among which stand out the collective exhibitions at the Madrid Fine Arts Circle and the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
The sculpture is by Pedro Barranco, also Madrid-born, an industrial engineer, although he also trained in the world of art thanks to his brother, a Fine Arts graduate. A training and passion he has never abandoned, combining it with his work, and to which he has been fully dedicated since his retirement.
Pedro Barranco maintains that his passion for sculpture stems from when he was a child, during Easter in Valladolid. At that time, his preferred drawings were the grand sculptural “pasos” (the platforms on which religious images are carried in procession), and that is where his fascination with the movement and expression which he captures in his sculptures comes from, first in clay and now investigating new materials.
In the Mojácar show, Barranco has presented human and animal figures created from aluminium mesh, “which play with the light in shadows”, the artist says, and which do not leave the viewer indifferent.
Mojácar Council Culture Councillor Raquel Belmonte attended the inauguration and could browse the works on show accompanied by the artists, who were able to comment on details and anecdotes about many of them.
The councillor wanted to highlight the quality of the works and their relevance, despite this being a retrospective. “Art”, Raquel Belmonte commented, “is very important in daily life; it’s timeless and an open door to beauty in any of its forms.”
The Mojácar Council Culture Councillor called on all those who have a bit of free time to visit this exhibition, which will remain at the La Fuente Municipal Exhibition Hall until the 30th of May.
Entry is free and it is open to the public Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 2pm.