1st Mojácar short film competition

The 1st Mojácar Short Film Competition has been held in Mojácar. It was organised in Mojácar by Antonio Casado and the producers JaG Dreams in collaboration with Mojácar Local Council with the aim of publicising new movie and short film directors who lack opportunities to screen their directorial debuts or works.

Four shorts were screened in this first competition: “Juan 2:23”, “Querido diario” (Dear diary), “Estoy muy enfadao” (I’m very angry) y “Ruido” (Noise). The first short is by an audiovisual student at the Universidad de Carlos III. The second is by high school students carrying out an audiovisual study on gender-based violence from the perspective of an adolescent. The third is an initiative by the Águilas academy, TID, which teaches courses on all aspects of film under the direction of Benito Rabal, son of the well-known film actor Francisco Rabal. The short film “Ruido”, with a script and directed by Antonio Casado, also featured the screening of the “Making of” of the filming.
The competition also provided an opportunity to enjoy the screening of the teaser or trailer of what will be the film “Un nuevo amanecer” (A new dawn), on which Antonio Casado has also collaborated and with music by the composer David Miralles, an Andalucía Film Academy award-winner.
“Un nuevo amanecer” tells the true story of a famous actress who was murdered by her ex-husband at the Cervantes Theatre in Almería during a performance.
Attending this first edition of the competition were Mojácar local authority members Emmanuel Aguero, Tourism Councillor, and Francisco García Cerdá, Finance Councillor.
The event was staged at the Senior Citizens hall, with a capacity audience and excellent feedback from spectators, who are now looking forward to the second edition.
The 1st Mojácar Short Film competition was created with the aim of promoting young directors and is linked to the Almería and Mojácar cinematographic tradition.
Land of cinema, of artists, and the setting for many of the best films to be shown in the world’s top movie theatres, Mojácar, thanks to the local council, is returning to its vocation for the scenic arts and collaborating with this initiative, which it is hoped will open many doors to the province’s young talents.