The Mojácar Moors & Christians festivity now has a poster for the 2022 edition

The Mojácar Moors & Christians festivity now has a poster for the 2022 edition, which following two years of cancelation due to the pandemic has been organised for this June.

Rubén Alejandro Lucas García is the winner of the competition organised by the Mojácar Moors & Christians Association to represent its most significant festival.
The final choice was by popular vote from among the three works selected by the jury, chosen from the more than 30 works submitted for the competition, all of them of high quality, the association noted.
Rubén Alejandro Lucas, born in Murcia, is a graphic designer, painter and photographer, obtaining numerous prizes for his designs, as well as being the author of a large number of posters commissioned to publicise different events organised throughout the country.
Very familiar with the Moors & Christians festivity, having attended the celebration on different occasions, he highlights the uniqueness of this Mojácar celebration, very different from those he already knew of in eastern Spain.
Attracted by the uniqueness of the programme: the horseback tournament, the landing, the processions, and the setting for the festivity, he wanted to give a nod to this originality, which served as his inspiration for his winning poster.
The author’s intention was to represent all the elements making up this festivity, as well as its heritage: “That you know what it’s about and where it is: harmony between design and information.”
It was the most voted for, with 3,124 votes, which gave it more than enough for victory, the 300-euro prize, and once the festivity is over, joining the compilation of posters, which since its beginnings in 1988 have been kept in the art gallery in Mojácar castle, and which has the permanent “Meeting between Cultures” collection: this brings together photos, posters, costumes and everything which represents the memory of the beginnings and development of one of the most emblematic festivities of Mojácar and the province.
The Mojácar Moors & Christians Festivities are starting up again, and from 10th to 12th June will return with more force.
Before then, on 1st May, the Mojácar Moors & Christians Association, Almosaquer, has a Moorish Marches concert planned, corresponding to the composition competition organised for 2020 which had to be suspended. Also, on a date yet to be finalised, it will be possible to attend the presentation of its annual magazine and calendar of events for 2022.