Mojácar´s Mayor talks on Spectrum Radio´s “Almería Today” with her Tourism Councillor

Mojácar´s Mayor, Rosmari Cano, along with her Tourism Councillor, Emmanuel Agüero, were recently interviewed by Richard Shanley on his “Almería Today” show, a regular morning slot on the town’s Spectrum Radio.

The regular appearances on this popular station by members of the Mayor’s team aim to keep residents informed about the town and, on this occasion the interview focused on some of the latest developments. Richard was particularly interested to hear from them about any direct impact on Mojácar the newly formed Junta de Andalucía administration would have, as they are now of the same political party.
Both reported that, thanks to this change within the Andalucian Government, they were able to revive a number of important local projects that have been at a standstill. This new Government has confirmed agreements concerning the Senior Residence, which is planned to be ready in October, along with the completion of the last mandatory reports to begin the works on Mojácar`s relief road.
With regard to recently approved General Plan for Urban Development, the Mayor talked about the building of a new health centre with essential specialist facilities that residents currently have to travel elsewhere to access. The Plan also includes a designated bus station to improve the town´s communication systems.
With regard to sports, both were keen to mention the recently opened installations, such as the outdoor skate and workout parks, along with other future plans in this area for both the old town and the beach area.