Easter starts off Mojácar´s busy tourist season.

Mojácar has kicked off this year’s high season with a busy Easter, despite some inclement weather, with visitors staying on average four nights, mainly over the bank holiday weekend.

The hotels registering the higher occupancy were the four star, front line establishments, that successfully hung up the ‘fully booked’ signs, along with some of the quaint hotels in Mojácar’s Old Town.
Mojácar can accommodate over 15,000 people in registered tourist establishments spread over its 37 hotels and hostals of different categories, 9 apartment complexes, 870 registered private rentals, 4 rural guest houses and 4 camping parks. Also there were many additional people that were holidaying in their own apartments and second homes throughout the town.
The Tourism Office dealt personally with 2,342 people just over the Easter weekend, although since March there has been a significant rise in enquiries by telephone, email and through social networks. This period also saw higher traffic on Mojácar’s tourism website, which was visited 10,454 times in March and 20,000 times from the start of April to the Easter weekend.
Facebook is the town´s most used social network for information and its ‘Mojácar Turismo’ page has 44,000 loyal followers looking at their daily posts, especially busy at certain times of the year when there are special events.
Mojácar Council´s Tourism Department also manages Twitter and Instagram accounts, whilst the ‘Mojácar Informa’ Facebook page posts the Council’s cultural events as well as official information. There is also the ‘Mojácar Ofertas´ page which publicises offers from the town´s hotels and commercial establishments.
As Mojácar is part of the network of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages and Towns in Spain’, there is the opportunity to share information through their website and dissemination systems, helping Mojácar to be one of the most sought after destinations in Almería.
Visitors came to Mojácar from all over the world during the Easter period along with many Spanish travellers, with the majority of those coming from the Madrid and Valencia regions. International tourists were definitely on the increase and, in numerical order, they came from the UK, France, USA, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Argentina, Holland, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Colombia and Finland.