Almería actress Eva Almaya will be the guest of honour at the 2nd City of Mojácar Short Film Competition

The Tourism, Culture and Sport delegate points to the municipality as an audiovisual reference point and cinematographic showcase.

The 2nd City of Mojácar Short Film Competition, which will be held on the 28th and 29th of April, will have the Almería actress Eva Almaya as Guest of Honour. Almaya has appeared in successful television series such as “Arrayan”, “Sin tetas no hay paraíso”, “Águila Roja” and “Seis hermanas”. In cinema, the feature films “La mitad de Oscar” by director Manuel Martín Cuenca, also from Almería, “Lejos del mar”, “Sangre de Mayo”, “Los veraneantes”, “Tileros” or “La conjura de el Escorial” stand out.

This was announced by the territorial delegate of the Junta de Andalucía Tourism, Culture and Sport Regional Ministry, José Ángel Vélez, during the presentation of the event, which took place at the headquarters of the Government Delegation. The delegate was accompanied by the councillor attached to the Mojácar Mayor’s Office, Francisco García, and by the event director, Antonio Casado. Vélez pointed out that this cultural event “consolidates and grows to offer the municipality as a cinematographic showcase and audiovisual reference point”. Vélez highlighted that Mojácar is fashionable due to its tourist environment, but it must also be made known on a cultural level.”

The Culture and Cinema deputy, Almudena Morales, stressed that “Mojácar has become a cultural reference point due to projects like this Short Film Competition. The Almería Provincial Council is committed to and proud to be part of all those actions that highlight the value of Almería province’s culture and art. I invite all Almerians to enjoy a weekend that combines culture and tourism in Mojácar.”

The councillor attached to Mojácar municipality’s Mayor’s, Francisco García, underlined the importance of sun and beach for this locality, “something very positive, but very seasonal”. García added that “for this reason they are working to try to end the seasonality of the sector, and provide a plus to this Levante town during the winter months, with a larger event than the previous edition and with the special invitation of Eva Almaya.”

Antonio Casado, director of the event, expressed gratitude for “the work that the Andalucian Government, the Provincial Council and Mojácar municipality have done to make this festival a reality.” Casado adds that it is “a cultural proposal that came about selflessly, and that due to the good reception received in the previous year has continued, and has also increased in the number of days, now being two.”

Development of the Contest

The projections of short films together with the galas, both opening and closing, will be the stars of the Contest that will start with a tour of the municipality’s educational centres, where talks and workshops will be given on the world of cinema and more specifically, the short film. Likewise, visits to different film locations in the Mojácar municipality will be organised.

The short films presented in the Competition will be screened at the Mojácar Multi-Uses Centre. Prior to the screenings, there will be a talk, where the directors of the short films, together with Eva Almaya, will hold a debate on the audiovisual pieces and aspects of the film industry. The public will participate at the end of the projections with requests and questions. The two best short films of the Competition will be chosen, one by public vote and the other voted for by the competition jury, made up of professionals from the audiovisual sector.

The municipality’s educational centres will become part of the Contest. The centres will be visited and there will be two activities: a talk focused on young people about the current film industry, during which they will be able to participate, and a practical workshop in which a film scene will be filmed.

The workshop’s technical and artistic team will be made up of students from the centres and guided by the Competition management team. Both the talks and the workshop in the educational centres will be recorded and will become part of the final making-off of the Competition.

Likewise, the Guest of Honour figure, as a prominent figure within the Almería film industry, will have responsibility for, together with representatives of Mojácar Council and the Competition management team, making a tourist promotion for the different locations of Mojácar municipality.

Music will also have a place of honour, which, according to Antonio Casado, “is 50% responsible for the success of an audiovisual piece.” For this reason, the competition has opted to include an activity where, “taking advantage of the magnificent Mojácar municipal music band”, the public can listen to a concert with a selection of soundtracks.