Rocío Díaz visits the Mojácar coastal bypass and bus station works.

The Development regional minister saw the evolution of the works on the infrastructure of regional responsibility.

The regional minister of Development, Joint Territory and Housing, Rocío Díaz, has made a technical visit to the works on the second phase of the coastal bypass and the remodelling of the crossroads of the A-370 road with the A-1203, as well as to the construction of the municipal bus station, which are in different phases of execution.

Rocío Díaz first visited the works on the second phase of the Mojácar coastal bypass, which is a continuation of the first section of the A-1203 road put into service in 2005, on the section between the roundabout with the AL-5107 provincial highway and the Las Marinas area. It is a two-kilometre section of road on which three roundabouts are planned, designed to give a direct exit to the various buildings scattered around this area through connecting service roads, and the residential complexes in front of the coast in the final part of the section, such as the La Parata urbanisation and the urbanisation in front of the Playa del Cantal beach. The execution of the works is framed within a Collaboration Agreement between the regional and local administrations.

The regional minister then went to the junction between the A-370 and the A-1203, where work is being carried out to reinforce road safety at a point with heavy traffic, with a daily average of 13,269 vehicles per day, of which 11% are heavy vehicles. The intervention focuses above all on the elimination of the existing T-shaped intersection with central waiting lanes on the A-370, which posed a risk to road safety, and which is being replaced by a link at a different level. The contract specifications include a lower down roundabout with respect to the future level of the A-370, as well as the slight modification of the layout between kilometres 7 and 8.

Finally, the Public Works head visited the construction of the municipal public transport interchange, which has four bus bays, as well as an operations building where the offices, ticket offices and lavatories will be located. The structure of the facilities has been completed, hence the works are in the authorisation phase for the supply of energy and water with a view to becoming operational.

The regional minister was accompanied on this visit by the Junta de Andalucía Government delegate in Almería, Aránzazu Martín; municipal mayor, Rosa María Cano; the director general of Housing and Urban Regeneration, Eloísa Cabrera, and the Public Works territorial delegate, Carmen Belén López.