Almería Red Cross has held the 1st World Environment Day Provincial Meeting in Mojácar

Almería Red Cross has held the 1st World Environment Day Provincial Meeting, which took place in Mojácar, and had the participation of 150 people, from the technical team and volunteers from the entire general population of the province, and the collaboration of Mojácar Council.

The day started with a route going from the Macenas Tower to the Mojácar Red Cross local assembly, a five-kilometre route along which the participants collected the rubbish which they found along the way.
They were divided into eight groups, each one led by a Red Cross official, and checked every corner of the beaches and coastline.
Although the beaches of Mojácar were found to be perfectly clean thanks to the work of Mojácar Council, which runs cleaning machines over them daily, and the many rubbish bins, the volunteers collected a large amount of “microplastics”, which escape the routine cleaning efforts and which represent a true problem for the environment.
Microplastics are small pieces of plastic which pollute the environment and which are created by the degradation of larger pieces of plastic in the environment and which can even be ingested by humans.
Another one of the problems found on this first World Environment Day Provincial Meeting is the numerous cigarette butts, which are also very polluting and which remain in nature for many years before disappearing.
The route not only served for collecting waste, but also had as a purpose raising awareness among bathers so that they are careful not to leave any kind of waste on the sand, especially small bits, as well as making them aware of the major negative effect on nature.
For this campaign, volunteers and members of Mojácar Red Cross gave out beach ashtrays to all the beach users they came across along the way.
According to statements made by the President of the Spanish Red Cross Mojácar Assembly, Concepción Rivero Puche, for this association, and as part of its strategic plan, the environment is one of the most important points that they want to deal with throughout the year and giving a major boost in the sphere of education, at the same time as having a more active presence in all activities that promote respect and awareness to create a sustainable system.
Once at the Mojácar Red Cross headquarters, they had a day of team building and associative participation, attended by Mojácar Mayor Rosa María Cano, and the Local Council Environment Councillor, Emmanuel Agüero.
The Mojácar Mayor thanked the Red Cross and the Mojácar Assembly on having chosen the locality for this first initiative and experience, and highlighted the great work of this association, which is always “on the front line” in the face of all needs, whatever they are.
The teambuilding day ended with the tasting of a giant paella for all the participants, which was provided by the Local Council.