Mojácar leading role in sport throughout the weekend

Mojácar had a leading role in an intense programme of sport at the weekend, when the municipal sports school closed; it was the venue for the Levante Cup and also for the 2022 Indalo Congress of Hand-to-Hand Combat.

The closure of the Municipal Sports School, held at the locality’s football ground, was attended by many members of the public and more than 250 of the school’s students in the different disciplines.
The event began with a demonstration of what was learned during the course. From the oldest, with a class of exercises performed in the classroom of the gym for senior citizens, to the very youngest, aged three, who drew a lot of applause from the audience for performing the choreography of the ballet and rhythmic gymnastics classes.
Mojácar Mayor, Rosa María Cano, accompanied by the whole Government Team, had the responsibility of presenting all the students with a medal accrediting their attendance at the municipal school and personally congratulating them on their progress.
In addition, Mojácar was the venue for the trials of the 2022 Levante Cup, the Levante region of Almería’s most important football tournament, and in which teams from all over Spain took part, with more than 2,000 players in all categories
In the locality alone there were 40 matches, corresponding to the category for the very youngest players, including a Mojácar team in this category. A unique experience for the young players, with perfect organisation, and in which our team had the opportunity to take on high-level lineups such as the reserves of Atlético de Madrid, Murcia and Marbella, among others.
Also staged in Mojácar at the weekend was the 2022 Indalo Congress, Hand-to-Hand Combat and Operational Intervention, held at the Mojácar Marina Playa hotel.
The Congress was organised by UGFAS, an entity belonging to the Spanish Royal Federation of Karate and Associated Sports, for the preparation in combat, hand-to-hand, of members of the Armed Forces, FAS, Security Forces and Bodies, as well as for promoting the values of the martial arts, given the need to prepare their members.
Theoretical and practical workshops on combat techniques were given by the instructors at the event. On the final day, the classes and training were given on the beach, allowing for a more natural environment.
Attending the closing ceremony were Mojácar Council Security Councillor, María Luisa Pérez, and Francisco García Cerdá, Deputy Councillor to the Mayor’s Office, who received a plaque offered by the organisation to the local authority in thanks for their collaboration and the facilities provided over the days in which the congress took place.