The Mojácar Artefact Collective rewarded at the 14th edition of the La Voz de Almería Levante Awards

The 14th edition of the Levante Awards, organised by La Voz de Almería, Cadena SER and Los 40 Principales, has been held at the Marqués de Los Vélez Castle in Cuevas del Almanzora.

These awards are aimed at recognising the efforts and achievements of the people, entities or companies which have contributed to the greatness of this region of Almería in the different economic, social and cultural sectors, always linked to the 14 towns which make up the Levante Almeriense.
This year in the Culture category, the award has gone to Artefacto, a collective born a year ago in Mojácar with the goal of promoting art and solidarity in society.
The Artefacto collective is today made up of 19 artists in different disciplines and of different nationalities, although it remains open to the incorporation of new creatives.
Artefacto was created with the intention of carrying out a project which had the purpose of organising art exhibitions and cultural workshops, among many other activities, always associated with collaboration with charitable institutions and donating part of its profits to charitable institutions.
Last year they put on an exhibition in Mojácar, the collective’s first, initially made up of eight artists: Ricardo Rejón García-Pichi, Elizabeth Attewell, Marijose González Iglesias, Pamen Merchante, Serafín Redondo, Ulli Butz, Heidi Gaber and Joaquín Sáez. An exhibition that had great success in terms of turnout.
Currently, and among multiple projects in the portfolio, they plan to interact with the area’s elderly, an increasingly more numerous population in the region, creating workshops and other actions in which they could collaborate together.
The prize was collected on behalf of Artefacto by Pamen Merchante and Ricardo Rejón and presented by Mojácar Mayor, Francisco García Cerdá, who highlighted the work of this collective that combines art and social work, being a platform of solidarity assistance with the region.