The “La Fuente” municipal art centre opens its doors to the works of Pedro Molina.

Mojácar Council has opened the doors of the “La Fuente” Art Hall to a painting exhibition by local painter Pedro Molina, resident of Garrucha, although born in Turre.

Pedro Molina presents his work in which he pays homage to the great classics of painting of all times. Self-taught, lover of figurative art, he faithfully reproduces the works of the most recognised masters in history, gathering in his brushes not only the mastery, but also the atmosphere and the intention of the paintings.
Although he has had moments when he has been attracted by abstract art and other styles, it is realism that ultimately marks his hand when in front of canvases and his definitive path in painting.
Self-taught, reproducing the paintings, in his words he continues learning and never ceases to be surprised by the amount of detail which could go unnoticed, just with his observation. He uses oil and all the technical resources which seem appropriate for each work, giving greater importance to the final work and the expression he wishes to imprint in his works.
With a long career working with his brushes, this is the second time he has exhibited in Mojácar, although this exhibition is one of the most important due to the large amount of work presented.
Among his favourite painters, Rubens, Velázquez and Vermeer stand out, although on his special list of masters there appear many more.
The inauguration was attended by the Culture Councillor, Noemí Linares, accompanied by Jesús Gredilla, María Gracia Alarcón and Ana García, also Mojácar Council councillors.
Noemí Linares expressed interest in Pedro Molina’s work and had the opportunity to visit the exhibition with the artist, who expressed his gratitude to Mojácar Council for the opportunity of being able to exhibit his work in an exhibition hall of such a high level in terms of the invited painters. The Culture Councillor reiterated the interest of her department and of the local authority in giving space to local artists, “many of them of great quality”, and in continuing Mojácar’s trajectory as a meeting point for creatives in all artistic disciplines.
The Pedro Molina exhibition will remain open to the public, with free entry, until 13th August. The La Fuente Art Centre is open from Tuesday to Sunday, in the mornings from 11am to 2pm. In the afternoon, it opens its doors from 7-10pm.