Mojácar Council launches a campaign to promote the recycling of glass containers in the hospitality sector

Mojácar Council, in collaboration with the Almanzora Levante Vélez Waste Consortium, will launch a new campaign in which it will visit hospitality sector establishments to promote the recycling of glass container waste, facilitate their work, and thus comply with current legislation that makes it mandatory for these major generators to correctly manage their waste.

The hospitality sector generates approximately 50% of single-use glass containers, hence its collaboration is key to increasing the figures for the selective collection of glass containers in the locality and achieving recycling targets. For this reason, advancing the implementation of sustainable habits in the sector represents a significant improvement in the fight against climate change, and for the health of the municipality.

A team of environmental reporters is carrying out surveys and interviews with hospitality sector establishments in the municipality to ascertain first-hand their needs and in order to adapt existing resources. In addition, they will offer detailed information to the premises on how to recycle correctly and on the social, economic and environmental advantages of recycling glass containers.

In addition, through these visits, knowledge of the current regulations with respect to glass container recycling will be reinforced, and establishments will be reminded of the obligation to separate and correctly deposit glass container waste in the green container.

With the aim of facilitating glass recycling in the Horeca (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering) channel, Ecovidrio – a non-profit entity responsible for recycling glass containers in Spain – will provide the municipality with special containers, equipped with a wider opening and a hydraulic lifting system, which allows for the recycling of large amounts of glass. Likewise, the entity will deliver, at no cost to the hospitality sector, adapted bins with wheels to facilitate the transport of glass waste.

The glass deposited in the containers is 100% recycled and used to manufacture new containers, indefinitely and without losing its original properties.

The recycling of glass containers is a fundamental element for contributing to sustainable development, promoting the transition towards a circular economy and fighting against climate change. In addition, the recycling of glass containers is an activity that supports compliance with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically, it results in the objectives (11) Sustainable cities and communities, (12) Responsible production and consumption and (13) Climate action.