Mojácar shows pupils at the municipal nursery school their mothers´ professions to mark International Women´s Day.

To mark International Women’s Day, the “Garabato” infants’ nursery school celebrated a day at its facilities to show the little ones the different professions followed in their family circle, and more specifically, by their mothers.

The idea was received with much excitement by the little ones and they had fun finding out, some of them for the first time, what their mothers do daily while they are at nursery school.
Every mother taking part prepared a table with the usual tools of their trade. In this way the very youngest could see what hairdressers, nurses, mechanics, cooks, pastry chefs, masseurs and piano teachers do, helping them with the necessary tasks for doing their job and learning how to do it.
A whole range of professions that the children have discovered through their mothers at the nursery school, and that gives them a different perspective of their mums and their social environment.
It so happens that some of the mothers who took part in the day were, in their day, pupils at the nursery school where their children are now taking their first steps in their academic and social life, returning to the classrooms, but now to show the new generations their working activity. It is also the case that some of the teachers were pupils at “Garabato”, where they are now educators and have their children at the centre, as were their parents also.
A long history of the Mojácar municipal nursery school, which now has several generations among its pupils, being a well-loved and respected institution in the municipality.
Raquel Belmonte, Mojácar Council’s Councillor for Children, described the experience as very positive, aiming to meet one of the centre’s most important objectives: “gaining knowledge of the environment at the stage of infant education means offering the children opportunities of experiencing affective situations and bringing them closer to their culture, interacting with their surroundings in an increasingly diverse way that will be of great use to them at the schooling stage and throughout their lives.”
The “Garabato” municipal nursery school has nine teachers who take care of the pupils. They have five classrooms at their disposal in which they divide the little ones according to age, from 16 months to three years old, at which time they enter the Bartolomé Flores Public School.
Garabato is also one of the few nursery schools that has its own kitchen, guaranteeing the correct nutrition of all the little ones.