Belgian cycling professionals visit Mojácar.

Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosmari Cano, recently held a working meeting with Frederik Baeckelandt, from Grinta Magazine, Jelle Wallays, a professional racer from the Soudal Cycling Team and Jan Almeye, Director of Kortweg Cycling, the international sporting events organizers.

The group of professionals were in Mojácar on a scouting mission to discuss the ambitious first ever “Gran Fondo Costa de Almería” cycling race that will be held next year in the town, as well as firming up logistical and organizational details, whilst establishing a first-hand contact with the Mayor about the project.
It was an important fact finding trip to prepare for this new tourism enterprise, based in Mojácar, involving one of the most important tour operators in northern Europe, who have successfully made a name for themselves in the town over the last decade among cycling fans.
The Belgian delegation expressed to the Mayor how pleased they were with the work done by the local Council and business sector, who together have placed Mojácar as a top destination in the cycling market, especially in Belgium where the town is renowned as an ideal location to practice the sport.
Rosmari Cano confirmed the group’s visit as a success, along with the selection of the town as an excellent venue for the new Gran Fondo Costa de Almería race, predicting great things for the first event as well in years to come. The race, which will start in Mojácar and then go through various towns in the Levante Almeriense, will rely heavily on the collaboration with both Mojácar Council and Almería’s Diputación Provincial, along with the initiative of the sector’s entrepreneurs.
The “Gran Fondo Costa de Almería”, will be a novel concept for Spain as it is a tourism sporting event aimed mainly at the non-professional Belgian and Dutch racing market, who will be able to book a 4 or 7 day package in Mojácar with time for some leisure as well as competing in the race. It will be organized just like any professional event, meaning that the participants will experience racing in the same way as the most famous cyclists. The race will also have two routes to choose from, according to the entrants sporting level and, is scheduled for the end of May 2018.