Mojácar´s theatre season draws to a close.

Mojácar’s theatre season, organised by the Council’s Culture Department, is drawing to a close with the penultimate play, “Polvorones”, staged on Friday 17th November at the town’s Centro de Usos Multiples.

A funny comedy featuring the actors, Jazmin Abuín, Mónica Vic, Paqui Horcajo and Laura Toledo, the play’s setting is at a dinner party with a close knit group of old friends, all with different personalities, when something out of the ordinary happens when a topic comes up for discussion.
Mojácar is traditionally a theatre loving town and, Friday nights in November are dedicated as a time to enjoy a selection of performances. This year’s series reached its halfway point the previous week with “Pareja Abierta”, by Dario Fo, a Novel Prize winner for Literature, with the actors Begoña Millán and Paco Arellano from the Tamerlan Theatre Company.
On November 24th, the play will be “Buffet de Bufonadas”, a classic comedy with an interesting set of characters based on works by Molière, brought uniquely to modern times. Entrance is 3 euros and, the show is suitable for all ages, especially to encourage the youngsters to come along and keep Mojácar’s theatrical tradition alive.